For many years I have been focused on creating the illusion of depth within my landscapes. It is my hope that the viewer is invited “into” the imaginary landscape to explore and keep discovering new things within the environment. In my paintings I create botanical forms and apply collage in between layers of 2-part epoxy resin and thin glazes of oil and acrylic paint. With each semitransparent layer, the background recedes, creating the illusion of space, while revealing the history within the painting. 

My subject matter comes from my imagination and through the act of painting. It is through the process of working that the art informs and reveals itself. It’s a balance of source materials coming directly from my observations and memories of nature, intuitive mark making, and bits of paper collage. I’m interested in capturing an essence of plants found in our natural world. In my paintings the stylized plants often time grow unexpectedly, sometimes joining together and becoming hybrids. It reminds me of how interconnected all life is on this Earth.